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Every year GUM does the School Supply Store to ensure that every kid in Galveston starts off the school year with the tools they need to succeed! Parents get to come and buy backpacks filled with school supplies for each of their kids for only $5! For more information on how you can get involved either as a Parent or a Partner just click one of the links below!




We understand that the cost of buying school supplies can put a financial burden on families who are struggling to get by. That's we want to partner with you in making sure your kids are ready for the next school season. Not only will you get backpacks for your kids but you'll also get all the supplies your kid needs for the first day of class. All for $5 per backpack! We connect with local Galveston schools to ensure that our supply list matches what teachers are asking for so you don't have to worry! To participate in this year's School Supply Store just:

For more info on the School Supply Store please call (409)297-2460 or email us at



The GUM School Supply Store is a beautiful service we are blessed to provide for our Galveston families. But in order to do it well we need the help of people just like you! To partner with us you can:

  • Donate new backpack's and school supplies to the store. To download a complete list of what supplies we need just click here
  • Donate financially to the store by clicking the link here