Getting Ahead


What is Getting Ahead?

Well on paper it’s a 24 week program that helps participants examine the impact of poverty in their communities and in their own lives, while learning what God's word says about it. But in reality it’s so much more! The Getting Ahead Program is designed to create authentic community and provide support on the road to breaking the chains of poverty. Participants walk side by side with mentors to tackle everything from budgeting and negotiation skills to how to cope with daily life and build hope for the future. Participants learn the skills to go from being victims of their environment to victors! At then end of the course the participants graduate with life-long friendships, empowering resources, and the skills they need to thrive!

If you’re interested in how you be a part of the Getting Ahead Program either as a mentor or as a participant please contact us at (409)497-2460.