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I'm interested in getting involved with G.U.M. What opportunities do you have for volunteers?
In addition to volunteering with the Youth and Children's program, we have a host of other opportunities that range from gardening to reading with kids! You can check out the full list by clicking here. If you have additional questions just email us at

What should I think through before committing to volunteer? 
Before committing to a program make sure to look at your schedule and honestly calculate the time you have to be involved. Due to the nature of the students and families we serve, we are in need of passionate and consistent volunteers. If your schedule won't permit you to volunteer consistently with G.U.M. then maybe this isn't the season! No worries! G.U.M. cares deeply about our volunteers maintaining a healthy and manageable lifestyle which sometimes means taking a step back for season. We have volunteers that take a couple of months or a semester off, then come back and volunteer again once things have calmed down.

Ok! I want to get involved! How do I get started?
Great! Visit our Volunteer Page by clicking here!

What if I've already done a background check with another ministry? Do I really have to another one?
Yes! This is the way we make sure that every volunteer (that means you!) as well as every student and parent is protected and placed in a ministry that they can thrive in. We appreciate you going the extra mile!

What if I have a record? Does that automatically bar me from volunteering? 
Not at all! We truly believe in God being a God of restoration! We meet with each potential volunteer on a case by case basis to determine if volunteering with GUM is the best fit and which volunteer roles are best for both us and you. 

Do you guys take groups as well?
Absolutely! For more information on what that looks like please click here.



What does the children program look like?
The Children's program meets Monday through Thursday 3:30 to 5:30pm. The children arrive at the GUM Church building starting at 3:30. During program we'll feed the students snack, help with homework, lead them in a bible study, and play fun group games. Once a week we'll go to the Children's Museum or on a field trip. 

What does it mean to be a mentor with G.U.M?
Our children in the program crave personal attention. By setting up a smaller ratio of student to mentor we are encouraging personal relationships to grow. A mentor has the unique opportunity to build a relationship of trust and encourage personal as well as spiritual growth in our children.

What is G.U.M.'s goal in working with the children?
We desire continuous character development for our kids, teaching them to love people, to be curious and creative students, and helping them to internalize the knowledge of the gospel through the development of relationships.

What do I need to bring?
There really is not a lot you need to bring with you. It is more about being present and consistent in our children's lives.

How many kids will be there?
Around 20

What is the age range of the kids?
The students in our children's program range from Kindergarten up through 4th grade.

How does discipline work in the program?
We focus on using gospel centered principles to not only hold our kids accountable but also reinforce who they are as God's creation in Christ! We do our best create a culture of grace while also helping our kids improve by walking beside them. For more on our discipline process click here

What will I be doing?
As a volunteer you'll be reading with students, helping with snack, coordinating games, and just making sure every child feels loved! 

I'm a parent. How do I get more info about signing my student up for program?
Awesome! Fill out our information form by clicking here

Ok! I want to get involved as a volunteer! How do I get started?
Great! Visit our Volunteer Page by clicking here!




What does Youth look like in the High School Program?
Currently we are partnering with Young Life Galveston. We meet at Alamo Elementary (5101 N 1/2) with about 30-40 high school students. We start off with free time where the students might play basketball or get a big volleyball game going. For program time we'll have a raffle, group games, dance like crazy then end with a short gospel message. Also there's food! 

What does Youth look like in the Junior High Program?
Students will start arriving around 4:00pm. We load up the fridge with semi-healthy snacks so that our students can help themselves as long as they clean up after. After that, students have free time until 4:45pm-5:00pm which is when we start program. During program we'll start off with a big group game and then move into our lesson and then an interactive project. After that we'll knock out chores and then debrief before heading home.

What is GUM's goal in working with the youth?
More than anything we want our kids to come to know, love, and follow Jesus. We want to set an example for them of what it looks like to be a Christ follower. We also want to help mold our youth into responsible and respectful young men and women.

What do I need to bring?
A joyful heart and a love to see students grow!

How many kids will be there?
Around 30 at the High School Program and 8-10 at the Junior High Program

What are the age range of the kids?
The students in our youth program range from 5th grade up through high school.

How does discipline work?
We ask our students to respect each other and to respect leaders as well as volunteers. We expect the students to clean up after themselves, use their manners, respect and take care of our building and all of our furniture, games, books, and art supplies. If a rule is broken students will receive a verbal warning. If rules are broken again the student will receive a strike once a student receives three strikes they will be sent home for the day and their parent will be called. On the flip side we use a point system to reenforce good behavior. Students earn points by being present, engaged in program, doing service projects, and by cleaning up. Points are then redeemed for field trips that we go on once a month. 

What will I be doing as a volunteer?
Your biggest job as a volunteer is just to build relationship with students. Simply being present and helping them engage in program is a huge help!

I'm a parent. How do I get more info about signing my student up for program?
Awesome! Fill out our information form by clicking here

Ok! I want to get involved as a volunteer! How do I get started?
Great! Visit our Volunteer Page by clicking here!




When do you allow work groups to come?
We take groups all year round but our schedule fills up fast so be sure to lock in your dates now!

What does a normal work day look like?
Teams will arrive at the GUM building at 8:30am for a GUM Staff led devotional. From there teams will head out to the work site. Teams will typically break for lunch either at the GUM building (GUM has two full kitchens that are available for work teams to use as well as store food) or in the city. At 1:30pm teams will meet back at the GUM building to prepare for Street Camp with the Children's Director. At 2pm they'll head to the Street Camp and be there until they leave for the day at 4pm. Since Street Camp is only three days, groups staying longer than three days will have the option of either a full work day or half a work day followed by the Otherside of Galveston Tour. 

What's the cost?
The cost is $15 a day per person (leaders and students). So for example, a group of 15 for 4 days would be $900.

What does the fee go to?
Our fee goes to staff hours to facilitate your group, building materials, shirts for your group, and any other costs associated with the projects.

What if our group has a mission budget and wants to donate above the fee?
We will gladly accept donations of any kinds! We are proud to say that we are fully supported by churches, individuals, and groups like you so every little bit helps!

What are the due dates for payment?
Deposits will be due three months before your trip date. We are so thankful that so many groups want to come and serve with us but this also means spots fill up fast. Your deposit not only locks in your spot but also helps us better prepare our calendar!

Does GUM provide lodging?
There are a few churches on the island like Moody Methodist and Seaside Baptist that take groups year round. Unfortunately, we're not able to house work teams at this time, but we're hoping to be able to soon! For more information on housing please email

What tools do we need to bring?
Due to the nature of our worksites and the number of groups we have coming through we won't have the specifics of your work project until two weeks before your scheduled date. Please email for more information.

Ok! I want to bring my group! What do you need from me? 
Great! Please email to schedule your group!

What else do we need to bring?
Please bring signed waivers for every person on your team (must be signed by parent if participant is under the age of 18) as well as your fee minus the deposit amount. To download the GUM waiver please click here



What is Street Camp/ Kid's Club?
Street Camp is basically a day where we go to the local park to minister to, play with, and most importantly love on students in the North Broadway neighborhood.

What will our groups responsibility at Street Camp?
Great question! Your team will be responsible for running Street Camp. This means organizing games, preparing a short, kid-friendly bible lesson, and blessing the kids with simple snacks.

How many students should we expect?
Typically you should expect between 25- 40 students. 

What are the age ranges of the students?
Usually between Pre-K to 6th grade.

What should we bring?
Snacks for 40 students (water coolers, cups, etc.), recreational items (basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, chalk, bubbles, frisbees, etc.), any materials needed for the organized game, as well as any materials needed for the worship time.

What does a typical Street Camp schedule look like?
A typical Street Camp will look like this: An hour of free play, 10-15 minutes of an organized group game, 10-15 minute worship time, snack, and then free play until 4pm.

What games work with your students?
Any games that encourage team building and have simple rules usually work well with our students. Games like Dragon Tails, Simon says, and Gaga Ball (we actually have a portable pit for Gaga pit that your group is welcome to take to the park and setup).

What should the worship time look like?
Worship normally consist of a couple of simple songs (songs with easy words that get our kids up and moving work well. i.e. Father Abraham and the Banana Song) and then a simple bible lesson or skit.

Are there any park rules we need to be aware of? 
Another good question! Here are some park rules to be aware of:

  • No leaving the park grounds. While we've always felt safe in our neighborhood we always want to use wisdom and make sure we all stay together.
  • No picking kids up, no matter how cute they are and no matter how much they ask!
  • All kids must be present for the bible study to receive snack.
  • Don't accompany kids to the bathroom. Again, we just to make sure we use wisdom in every circumstance and that we don't put our work teams or our kids in a bad situations.



What is the Other Side of Galveston Tour?
The Other Side of Galveston Tour is a self-guided scavenger hunt/tour designed to give groups and individuals a deeper understanding of poverty and it's effects, specifically in the North Broadway neighborhood.

How does the tour work?
Groups will start out at the main GUM building for instructions. They will be split into groups, with each group having one or two leaders depending on the size. They will be given lists and sent out into the neighborhood. When they have finished with the list, they will return to the GUM building for a debrief with GUM staff.

What can we take with us?
To get the full experience we recommend leaving everything at the GUM offices. This means water bottles, cell phones, money, keys, sunglasses etc.. Only the leaders are allowed to bring their phones for emergency purposes only.

How long is the tour?
That's entirely dependent on the group. Most finish in a couple of hours. We ask that you not rush through it but rather allow time for your students to process.

Are there any rules for being out in the neighborhood?
Yes! They are as follows:

  • As representatives of GUM and furthermore of Christ we ask that you be respectful of our neighbors and our community. This means keeping horseplay and loud talking to a minimum.
  • Always stay with the group and use the buddy system.
  • Never go into a residence or business without prior approval from GUM.

I definitely want my group to participate in this! How do I sign them up? 
That's awesome! Just email to setup a time.