Our mission here at Galveston Urban Ministries is to develop holistic relationships to transform the community we love. Whether we’re teaching kids how to read, helping our adult neighbors prepare to enter the work force, or educating work groups from all over Texas on how to alleviate poverty, our goal is to see the North Broadway community thrive! We want each of our neighbors to have healthy families, good paying jobs, and above else know the abundant love of Jesus! We strive to do this with what we call the GUM E’s:



We strive to ENGAGE in deep relationships and express the love of Christ to every person that walks through our doors! Whether it’s ministering to our homeless neighbors or engaging people across the city, we understand relationships are key!



We know that poverty alleviation only happens when we all work together! That's why we work hard to EQUIP churches, businesses, and individuals with tools and resources they need to be able to fight poverty!



Our goal is for each of our neighbors to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy! This is why we create programs that EMPOWER our neighbors and help them create sustainable and God-honoring lives for themselves!