Go Green Galveston


Go Green Galveston (G3) is GUM's recycling program and the only door to door recycling service on the island! Starting off with a beat-up truck and only a couple of clients, G3 has grown tremendously to be able to a provide high quality, affordable recycling service to the City of Galveston while empowering our community! The best part of being a G3 customer is that you not only help restore a broken planet but you also help restore broken people as well!


Job Creation

Sometimes all you need is a second chance. In G3, we intentionally employ our neighbors that some would deem "unemployable" because of their diverse backgrounds. Through G3, our neighbors not only learn skills like budgeting and customer service but they also get on the job training in a grace-filled environment!

Customer service

Our G3 team prides themselves on delivering exceptional customer service, seeing every customer as a relationship and not just a dollar sign. Rain or shine you will see our G3 truck rolling out weekly to provide curbside service to homes, apartments and even businesses, delivering excellent service...with a smile!   

all of galveston

In 2017 G3 hit 200 customers and we plan to grow even more in 2018! Our goal is to have a green G3 recycle bin on every doorstep and have the ability to employ even more of our neighbors. We believe that Go Green Galveston can be a vehicle of restoration and empowerment for all of Galveston!


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