From Trials to Triumph


Many hardworking families have dreams of owning their own home. Unfortunately, this dream can be an opportunity for unscrupulous people. In Rene and Mary’s case, it looked like a solid deal. They were “renting to own" and their attorney even prepared the documents. They made all their payments on time and put several years of sweat equity into making the house their home.


The landlord was an attorney so Rene felt confident investing in his dream. But when the couple were ready to purchase, the troubles began. They received an eviction notice, constant badgering, and scores of threatening phone calls. The landlord disparaged their character to anyone who would listen, even visiting GUM and contacting their other employers. Rene and Mary had solid legal documentation, yet the landlord was determined to keep the family’s money and evict them from their home. 


What their landlord did not anticipate, however, was the couple’s tenacity and the strength of their support network. Their supporters are a group of people who stand for justice and pursues it a great cost. Without a community of friends and neighbors fighting for justice, Mary and Rene would have fallen victim to this landlord and would have lost their home. I was a witness to it all and it was really that close. 


As you can see from the picture above, Rene and Mary finally persevered and legally purchased their home. We’re so blessed to have supporters who believe in fairness and integrity ~ a community of people who understand that an injustice against one of us is an injustice against us all! #urbanministry


At Rene and Mary’s closing, one of the Good Samaritans who advocated on their behalf said to me “hopefully this family will now have some peace and security in THEIR HOME. It is amazing to see how the Lord brings us all together and how He used the unique abilities of attorneys, realtors, mortgage brokers, and investors to make this happen!”


People often ask me "how do you transform a community?" You bring together gifted, caring and faithful folks to use their unique, God-given abilities to fight for JUSTICE!


Congratulations Rene & Mary. Welcome to the neighborhood!