Josh Dorrell
Co-founder and Executive Director of Galveston Urban Ministries.

joshfamJosh grew up in Waco, Texas where he also attended Baylor University; he majored in Recreation and Leisure Services and received his degree (BSE) in 2004. In 2010 he received his MA in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Josh grew up in the inner city of Waco where his parents, Jimmy and Janet Dorrell, started Mission Waco (urban ministry). Josh and his wife Danielle worked at Mission Waco for the first years of their marriage, during that time Josh was the Volunteer Director, Adult Literacy Coordinator, Job Trainer, and King's Club Director (backyard Bible club for children). After a few years at Mission Waco, Josh and his wife moved to North India where they lived and worked for two years. While there, Josh was a Project Coordinator for a Village First Aid training course for nomadic people, taught Leadership Development at Kashmir University and held weekly Bible studies for new believers.

Josh and his family moved to Galveston, Texas in 2010 where they are building relationships and a ministry that will share the love of Christ through the way it cares for others.

Josh is the proud father of Zoe, Zane, Zeke and Ziah. Zoe was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand while Danielle and Josh were serving overseas. Zane, Zeke and Ziah are their B.O.I.'s (born on island) babies. In Josh's spare time, he loves to play basketball, go to the beach and spend time with his family.

Danielle Dorrell
Co-founder of Galveston Urban Ministries.
Danielle grew up in Geneseo, Illinois, with her four siblings. Danielle studied Child Development at Black Hawk College, and also played Volleyball and Basketball for her school.

Danielle moved to Waco, Texas in 2004 to intern at Mission Waco. In 2005 she was offered the job as the Children's Director. She fell in love with the children that she worked with and grew tremendously as she developed relationships that encouraged their families. After her time in Waco, she and her husband Josh lived and worked in North India for 2 years. Danielle is also the proud mother of Zoe, Zane, Zeke and Ziah.

Danielle is now the co-founder with her husband Josh. She is actively developing relationships with the mothers and children in the community in which we are working and living.

Brandon Williams
Youth Director

brandon williamsBrandon Williams has been working with youth and adult work teams for almost a decade. His passion is to see lives changed and restored through Christ in the North Broadway neighborhood. Though he's new to the island, Brandon says he feels like a native Galvestonian, quote, "The beauty of Galveston is really in the people, especially here at GUM and in our North Broadway neighborhood. There's a real sense of community and I love how the people in our neighborhood have welcomed me in." When he's not sweating it out with a work team you can usually find him at MOD Coffee spending time with the love of his life: his Taylor guitar.

Ben Fontenot
G3/Facilities Director

ben fontenotBen was born and raised in the suburbs of North Houston, TX. Growing up in the church, a foundation of faith and integrity was instilled in him at a young age. This would prove important as he spent many years far from God.There was always a belief in what was important but a lack of discipline to seek The Lord. After a time on the fence, he began to come back and ultimately give his life back to God. This would start a chain reaction of seasons in growth. Year after year he would grow closer to The Lord and want to know Him more. In 2002 Ben married the love of his life Lesley and began to start a family. There would be many trials but in every one they would put their trust in God, who would always prove faithful. In 2014 they felt called to move to Galveston to advance the kingdom of God. They didn¹t know exactly what that would look like but continued to pray and seek guidance as they prepared for their move. In 2015 Ben was offered a position at G.U.M. as G3 Director. After much prayer he accepted and began a new chapter in their journey of faith. They now have three children and live on the island.

Candis Jones
Children's Director