Mission Statement
Galveston Urban Ministries is a faith-based organization that empowers the poor and marginalized of Galveston through community development and support services.

Value Statements
1. Engaging relationships with people from all walks of life to share God's love and blessings for the whole person.
2. Equipping resources for churches and the community that will offer opportunities for others to serve.
3. Empowering programs that encourage growth holistically (spiritually, emotionally, and physically).

What We Are Committed To:

  • Listening and responding to the needs of the people through utilizing their assets.
  • Developing, initiating, and sustaining strategic, relevant, and innovative ministries.
  • Replicating proven urban ministry models that allow effectiveness to be monitored and measured for results.
  • Seeking to fill unmet needs without duplicating or competing with existing services or ministries.
  • Being wise stewards of resources.

Philosophy of Ministry
Live among the people
Listen to the needs
Learn how to empower
Love deeply

The Principles of CCDA
The Eight Components of Christian Community Development
by Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
Relocation: Living Among the People
Redistribution (Just Distribution of Resources)
Leadership Development
Listening to Community
Wholistic Approach

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